Wednesday folk traditions line up 2019


June 12th

Evelyn Harris

harris solo.png

Evelyn Harris is a powerhouse vocalist, former member of Sweet Honey in the Rock, and Grammy- nominated composer. Her remarkable vocal instrument creates stirring interpretations of the traditional African-American song cannon. Program includes spirituals, freedom songs, jazz, pop, rock ‘n’ roll, gospel and blues. Joined by composer, pianist Dionne McClain-Freeney for our 9th Annual Horace Clarence Boyer Gospel Concert.

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June 19th

Afro-Semitic Experience


The Afro-Semitic Experience is dedicated to preserving, promoting and expanding the cultural and musical heritage of the Jewish and African diaspora. Comprised of African-American and Jewish-American musicians, their performance is an artistic response to anti-Semitism and racism of all forms.

“The sound of the past, the present and the great beyond all at once.”
– Christopher Arnott, New Haven Advocate

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June 26th

Fusion Nomads


John Sheldon, Derrik Jordan, Tony Vacca and Jo Sallins invite you on a fusion journey exploring musical histories and inspirations from their travels around the world. These four veteran musicians cover everything from Pop Music to the Avant-Garde, from Electro- Funkadelic to Spirit-Guided Improv, from Western Classical to Spoken Word, and from Old School to Nu School to No-Schooling-What-So-Ever.

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July 10th,

Viva Quetzal


An astonishing array of exotic and familiar instruments and folkloric themes connecting the rain forests of Central and South America, the carnivals of Brazil, the high plateaus of the Andes, and the urban barrios of Latin America and the United States.

More then electric or rhythmic, it’s spiritual, it’s all cultures existing as one. That’s universal music!”
Rafael Charres, Cashbox Magazine (NYC)

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July 17th,

Pan Morigan and The Blackbird Effect

pan morigan.png

Vocalist, songwriter, and composer Morigan interprets songs from her family’s origin countries: Ireland to France, Italy, Greece, China, Chile, Colombia, Canada and beyond. The ensemble stirs the sounds of myriad folk traditions with jazz and something indefinable to create a musical meditation on immigration, work, home, and longing.

Morigan sings with intensity and conviction…wearing her heart on her sleeve.”
— Larry Parnass, Hampshire Gazette

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July 24th,

Say Real + Black Rebels

say real top.png

A local family musical journey includes a collective of young musical revolutionaries founded by sister / brother Naia Kete and Imani Elija. Their strong local musical lineage ignites a narrative of lyric, Rock and Reggae. Naia made her mark on the national scene with a top ten The Voice appearance.

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