"A Perfect Spot of Tea" 2016

July 2- The Pikeys 


Hailing from Scotland, Ireland, England and the United  States, the group performs a wide repertoire of songs, mixing traditional Irish and Scottish music. Their set will range from instrumentals  to ballads, ensuring a rich and diverse musical experience. The  group consists of Patrick Fyfe on guitar and celtic mandolin, Fred Higgins  on fiddle, guitar, and vocals, Rose Higgins on concertina, and Phil Grant on mandolin. 

July 9 - Honest Harmony

Honest Harmony has been performing together for over a decade. The group’s a cappella performances explore a repertoire of small-ensemble singing from the 12th-20th centuries, often highlighting historical pieces and masterfully juxtaposing works of a single style, era, or composer. Their music brings audiences on “a musical journey through the last millennium.” The ensemble is comprised of soprano Barbara Matthews, alto Cindy Naughton, baritone Ijod Schroeder, and tenor John Vance.

July 16 - 56 String Duo with Bob Markey and Andrew Jenkins


Robert Markey studied classical and blues guitar and then sitar in Boston and in India. His music is based in the North Indian (Hindustani) music tradition. Robert plays a mix of ragas from North and South India and raga-like improvisations from Persia, Japan, Hungary and Indonesia. Andrew Jenkins is a twelve-string guitarist who studied at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, and has been has been playing music for 38 years.

July 23 - Same Old Blues: Dennis Shapson, Alan Kurtz, and Phil Craft


Guitarist Dennis Shapson,  Alan Kurtz on washboard and bones, and Phil Craft on harmonica perform ragtime country blues. Their repertoire consists of 1920’s and 30’s Piedmont and East Coast blues, and features reinterpretations of compositions by Blind Blake, Blind Boy Fuller, Mississippi John Hurt, and Mance Lipscomb.

July 30- Show of Cards

The group Show of Cards was originally formed as an alternative folk-rock trio of siblings Karen, Joe, and Mike Cardozo. Currently singer-songwriter Karen, lead guitarist Mike, bassist Garrett Sawyer (of the Gaslight Tinkers), and drummer Joe Fitzpatrick (of Trailer Park) perform throughout Western Massachusetts, promoting their newest release, Something Better (2013).  This year Karen, Mike, and Joe will perform an acoustic show on the veranda. 

August 6- West & Jackson


West & Jackson will take the audience on a melodious and stimulating turn through their songbook of instrumental jazz, pop, and original songs. Peter West has been performing at “A Perfect Spot of Tea” for over a decade, and has been playing guitar professionally since 1980. At his side is Bert Jackson, another highly skilled guitarist with over 25 years of playing experience in blues, jazz, and other styles.

August 13 - Bella Voce


Bella Voce features Lisa Woods as Mezzo-Soprano and Teri LaFleur as Soprano with Jerry Noble as the accompanying pianist. Both Woods and LaFleur are accomplished musical performers in the Pioneer Valley, while Noble is a distinguished composer, commissioned by various choral groups in the area. Together, the group performs a wide variety of pieces—from Opera to Broadway. 

August 20 - The West County Jazz Trio

The West County Jazz Trio plays mostly mainstream jazz music including some originals and with an occasional foray into standards and jazz Latin tunes. The group includes Judith Williams who comes from Greenfield, plays keyboards and sings on occasion; Tony Rice, who focuses the beat with his drums, and lives in Conway; and Tom Ulrich who plays double bass and comes from Ashfield.  The trio has been together for five or six years as part of a quintet and other formats, and play here and there around Franklin County and beyond in a variety of settings and functions. 


August 27- The Pioneer Valley Symphony Chamber Choir 

The Pioneer Valley Symphony Chamber Choir is a smaller vocal ensemble auditioned from the Pioneer Valley Symphony Chorus. Under the direction of Jonathan Harvey, the PVS Chamber Choir performs a cappella music of all styles, periods, and genres separate from the Symphony and throughout the Connecticut River Valley. Their repertoire consists of spirituals, madrigals, partsongs, motets, and other unaccompanied vocal music all the way from the 15th to the 21st century.