Field Notes 4: Transect

From June 14 through October 15, 2014 the Porter-Phelps-Huntington Museum hosted "Field Notes 4: Transect", a collaborative exhibition of drawings, paintings, collages, and sculptures created by architects Sigrid Miller Pollin and Stephen Schreiber, and landscape architect Jane Thurber. This is the fourth iteration of Field Notes, a collaborative exhibit featuring these three artists.

In this exhibit, the artists focused their projects on patterns found in the natural and built environments, with several of the pieces exploring the Connecticut River Valley near the Porter-Phelps-Huntington House. In particular, the artists emphasized the transects (cross sections) of the local environments from the river—through floodplains, cultivated fields, and meadows—to the mountains.

These artistic explorations were similar to ones they would employ to design a building or a landscape. Their complex and multi-dimensional processes required many different explorations with multiple lenses.  There is a clarity in the way each artist stays focused on his or her own explorations while still maintaining a subtle thematic unity that threads together the works of "Field Notes 4". 

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